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"It’s not just the French Quarter that is New Orleans. No. Not
just the tourist areas. New Orleans is people."
— Niyi Osundare, Voices Rising II
  • "Bookshops are infested with ideas. Books are quivering, murmuring creatures."
    Severina, Rodrigo Rey Rosa (trans. Chris Andrews)

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    February: Love it or loathe it.

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    Super Sunday

    Mid City, New Orleans

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  • "Do you know that books smell like nutmeg or some spice from a foreign land? I loved to smell them when I was a boy. Lord, there were a lot of lovely books once, before we let them go."
    from Fahrenheit 451: A Novel (via vintageanchorbooks)
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    And now I’m hungry. 

    This isn’t bad but well, tastes vary I guess.

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  • "Silence fell over the Cosmic Brotherhood members like a heavy fleece blanket. All eyes were closed, all necks tensed, all breaths on hold. The moment of a manifestation had come. Maestro exhaled loudly, opened his thin, sinewy arms and raised them to the sky, "I am Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans!" he yelled in a high-pitched voice that bore no resemblance to his usual baritone, professional tone. "I’ve come to Havanna to proclaim love, unity and peace." —from "The Astral Plane" by Teresa Dovalpage

  • "My main statement is I’m an African American from New Orleans, but I wanted to put things in here that people outside of New Orleans could relate to as well. Through the masks, through the figures, books, and images, I can have other conversation pieces in here that expand the museum and challenge people to consider who they are connected to."

    — Ronald Lewis, from The House of Dance & Feathers

    Find out more about Ronald’s museum here.

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  • An Evening of Visions and Dreams: Moira Crone & Rodger Kamenetz


    An Evening of Visions and Dreams: Moira Crone & Rodger Kamenetz

    History-Nights-Dream-web9 June, 2014: 5pm – An Evening of Visions and Dreams with Moira Crone and Rodger Kamenetz.

    Two award winning writers who use dreams in their poetry and prose, will talk about fundamentals of our dreams and their relationship to creativity and well being.


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  • Bidding farewell to National Poetry month with a short piece by New Orleans legend Everette Maddox:

    Twilight on the Verandah: Poem for Banjo

    Dance on you blue firefly
    lightning bug
    Japanese lantern
    with somebody else
    I’m only a shuffler myself
    and if I touched you
    you’d pop
    like a lovely party favor
    all over Oak Street

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